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Entrepreneurs, artist, athletes and other individuals who have excelled in their field share fun and inspiring stories from their journey to success.

With a vast network of highly skilled talent and some of the most exciting companies in South Africa in our ambit, Skills Blackboard is the preferred cutting edge AI driven platform for digital and online jobs in South Africa. At Skills blackboard we pride ourselves on getting to know the businesses we serve and understanding their vision. We also recognise how important each company’s internal culture is when it comes to finding the right people who will thrive in those environments and help them grow.

Our team understands and thrives on excellent service. Our specialisation in the online and digital world has afforded us the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the industry, its key role players and drivers of success. Our goal is to forge long-term relationships with talented digital experts as well as the companies that hire them. Operating in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, Skills Blackboard fills positions in digital companies as well as traditional companies that are expanding into the digital world.

About Us

How does it work ?

Job Specs

Once a job spec / opportunity is uploaded, the platform analyses the work experience, skills and education/qualification of this role


The platform then scrapes the integrated web platforms and CV database


The platform matches education, experience and skills on the CV’s to the Job spec / opportunity


The platform scores the Candidates CV’s and creates a shortlist of the best matched candidates.

About Us

How do I get started?

Free for candidates

Graduates, Students and job seekers can upload their CV at no cost

License Fees

Higher Education Learning Institutes pay a license fee to offer the platform to their students and graduates


Recruiters and employers can subscribe to the platform. This is based on the number of jobs posted monthly.

Partner Model

Recruiters and employers can subscribe to the platform. This is based on the number of jobs posted monthly.

Services and Products WE PROVIDE

Solutions built for recruiters and candidates


Online courses provided by our on demand digital learning platform Digication

Background Checks

Digital verification for identity, criminal checks, qualifcations and bank accoutn verifications


Our platform is embedded with artificial intelligence to screen and score CV’s in minutes.

Graduate Placement

We Partner with Higher Education Institutes to provide graduates with a platform to access the job market.

CV Assessment

Our CV Assessment Tools analyses your CV’s and provides recommendations


Why we exist

South Africa’s unemployment challenges relate primarily to the legacy of apartheid and the country’s poor economic growth rate. South Africa’s job crisis is at an all time high. The disconnect between individuals looking for jobs and opportunities keeps widening. If the youth fail to get jobs, this can result in lifelong poverty extending to the future generations. Solving youth unemployment is therefore critical to reduce poverty and inequality, and to help young people improve their quality of life.

Skills Blackboard Pty LTD is a black led, South African firm based in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Skills Blackboard has partnered with the Empire Partner Foundation to address one of the 10 socioeconomic challenges, Unemployment. Our team of data scientists use an assortment of skills and viewpoint, together with a toolbox of techniques to drive value to our customers.